XLpharmacy Review

XLPharmacy is not our preferred choice, because the online pharmacy XLpharmacy.com or XLpharmacy.org is not longer in operation. However we can highly recommend to use Pharmacy XL website – here some information and reviews about Pharmacy XL.


While XLpharmacy is no longer in operation, on top if that it is now possible to purchase meds, pills and drugs for cheaper prices than at XLPharmacy. Also now Free Shipping is the standard. With the ever rising drug prices ( and ever increasing pockets of the pharmaceutical companies as well as your local pharmacy store ), many people have difficulties to locate a place that allows them good quality medicines for decent or even cheap prices.

The strategy of XLPharmacy is different from your local pharmacy store, in the sense that it offers considerable discounts on prescriptions drugs and sells them online. The website previously in use was well established, although now it will be considered old compared to the website at Pharmacy XL. However even in the past when XLpharmacy was in operation, it was possible for the customers of XLPharmacy to buy drugs from the comfort of their homes, which was unique at that time. It was also possible to get special discounts for almost all types of drugs.

One can see the quality of a website by its user interface, speed, prices, amount drugs in stock, available payment methods as well shipping offered. They got quite good marks in all of these parameters. XLPharmacy in the pas had a simple user friendly interface that does not come with any complexities to confound users, the same you can nowadays find at Pharmacy XL. A smooth, easy to use and comfortable interface, without any flashing banners and other non needed stuff. All you need to do is to search for your desired medicines, pill or drug and the website will come up with quick results from branded meds up to the generic drugs as well.

XLpharmacy had a diverse stock of generics that has made it possible for users to purchase drugs at much lower prices. At Pharmacy XL, this is no different and they remain the cheapest available online pharmacy on the market! The generic drugs have the exact same formula and same active ingredients as you will find in the original branded drugs. The only difference is the prices as these drugs are manufactured in different parts of the world with varying costs of production. This means that a drug produced in India will be available at half the price of one manufactured in France. Customers are the ultimate beneficiary of this globalization and innovation as they are able to buy drugs at lower prices.

XLpharmacy allowed you to choose between many generic drugs as well as branded drugs as their sole focus is to help you! Again at Pharmacy XL this focus is no different as it is a non – profit making operation. You can make that selection based on the lowest prices available. Some types of drugs are available under different generic brands, so is also possible to buy in bulk to save considerable amounts of money. If you can’t get out on the website, there is always the support by phone where a customer service representative is at hand to guide you through the website and answer your questions about prescription drugs and prices etc…

XLpharmacy offered free express shipping for orders above $250 and offers you an opportunity to track your orders. PharmacyXL however goes even further than this! They offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on any order. They can do this as they are a non profit operation and their sole focus is to supply affordable medicine to customers worldwide.

Overall Conclusion:

XLPharmacy was a quite okay online pharmacy with a good website that is simple to use and offers a number of discounts on drugs besides offering a multitude of generic brands. However as they do not longer operation WE would recommend a much better, modern, safer and cheaper with FREE SHIPPING – Pharmacy XL which is the best in our opinion.

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