XLpharmacy VIP Transactions

Are you searching for special prices for your meds? At XLpharmacy VIP Transactions you could previously get very good deals for Viagra, Cialis, Generic Viagra however they are no longer operating…

We advise to use a remarkable good alternative at Pharmacy XL.


Here a small list of their offerings:

  1. Free Shipping
  2. Cheap Generic Viagra
  3. Safe Online Pharmacy
  4. In business for over 10 years!
  5. Cheap Generic Cialis
  6. Over 500+ medicines available online…

Is xlpharmacy.com a secure site?

Well sometimes when you browse website, you may ask yourself if it is a secure site? The same valid question if XLpharmacy.com is a secure site we will answer here.

XLpharmacy.com was an online pharmacy and the question if it was a secure site or not are no longer relevant as the website is offline. However the status of the site before it was taken offline is dubious.

HOWEVER there is a perfect alternative online pharmacy – Pharmacy XL – which is secure, safe and in business for over 10 years. Recently they also introduced free shipping worldwide on their already very low prices. So we definitely advise you to have a look if your medicines are available there…


What happened to xlpharmacy?

Many people ask the question: What happened to xlpharmacy?

Well where to start. It appeared they run out of business because of legal issues. There no longer operate an online pharmacy and therefore we advise to use another option. For example Pharmacy XL , which is probably even better than XLpharmacy.


They have even lower prices, are more reliable and have free shipping worldwide, doesn’t matter the size of your order. With their huge collections of medicines, they are known as the biggest online pharmacy out there – that’s why the name… Pharmacy XL!

XLpharmacy website

XLpharmacy was a website where an online pharmacy was hosted and operated. They moved their business to another domain and changed their name into Pharmacy XL, which makes more sense.


Now XLpharmacy / PharmacyXL is a non profit online pharmacy, with bottom low prices , a 100% customer service satisfaction goal and free shipping worldwide on all wordclass and generic medicines. So the new XL pharmacy website is now at www.pharmacy-xl.com.



XLpharmacy feedback

Do you want to give feedback about XLpharmacy or find XLpharmacy feedback? In both cases you are at the right website here at XLpharmacyreviews.com.

If you want to give feedback about XLpharmacy, please comment below, so other readers can benefit from your opinion, comment, recommendation… in general: Feedback 🙂

Our Feedback about XLpharmacy is that it is closed at the moment and they have moved their business to another website at Pharmacy XL. There you can still enjoy the bottom low prices and free shipping worldwide of over 500 prescription drugs and over-the-counter products ( OTC drugs ).


XLpharmacy complaints

Want to read XLpharmacy complaints? To be honest there are a lot and you can read on many old websites about it. The truth is the website is no longer operating and we strongly advise you not to use XLpharmacy, but to use a safer, cheaper, better and more reliable alternative with Pharmacy XL.


You will not find real complaints about Pharmacy XL, because they have a 100% customer service target in the company and they are non-profit driven, so have all care for the customer! Visit www.pharmacy-xl.org

XLpharmacy coupon code

Are you searching for a XLpharmacy coupon code to get an additional discount on the already very low prices. Good you found this website, as we are about to reveal a coupon code to get an extra 10% OFF.

HOWEVER XLpharmacy is no longer operating and has moved to Pharmacy XL at the domain www.pharmacy-xl.org.


The special coupon code for a whopping 10% discount on top of the normal 65% discount drugs, compared to your local pharmacy store.

Coupon Code: ˇneu6Wt386Nˇ

Use exactly this coupon code at the checkout and you will get an additional 10% discount above 150 USD and below you still get 5% extra discount. So your discount could get as much as 65% + 10% = 75% or in the other case 65% +5% = 70%.

XLpharmacy Legit?

Do you want to know if XLpharmacy is legit and operates a legitimate online pharmacy? The truth is at the moment XLpharmacy is not operating anymore, so we better leave the discussion behind as they no longer exist.

However we can strongly advise you to use the legit online pharmacy with Pharmacy XL at www.pharmacy-xl.org. They use the same name, but are different and totally legit.


Of course the pharmaceutical industry and your local pharmacy doesn’t like they sell medicines at much lower prices, so you save a lot of money and the pharma companies and your local pharmacy store won’t get rich with your money. However the company is safe, legit, they are a non profit operation and only care about their customers and patients and to supply them with cheap generic medicines, so the healthcare stays affordable and available for everyone. A good cause not? So use the legit online pharmacy.