XLpharmacy Legit?

Do you want to know if XLpharmacy is legit and operates a legitimate online pharmacy? The truth is at the moment XLpharmacy is not operating anymore, so we better leave the discussion behind as they no longer exist.

However we can strongly advise you to use the legit online pharmacy with Pharmacy XL at www.pharmacy-xl.org. They use the same name, but are different and totally legit.


Of course the pharmaceutical industry and your local pharmacy doesn’t like they sell medicines at much lower prices, so you save a lot of money and the pharma companies and your local pharmacy store won’t get rich with your money. However the company is safe, legit, they are a non profit operation and only care about their customers and patients and to supply them with cheap generic medicines, so the healthcare stays affordable and available for everyone. A good cause not? So use the legit online pharmacy.

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