Is a Scam?

Find out here is is a Scam or not! Why are you so interested in Probably because they are no longer operating and you want to know what happened. Well the run out of business for various reasons, however they weren’t a scam, but just a provider of cheap generic meds. An alternative to is the non profit online pharmacy at, the new!


So basically your question if is a scam or not, is no longer relevant, as Pharmacy XL is definitely NOT a scam and a safe, reliable and legit online pharmacy in business for over 10 years and the fact they are a non profit operation is a very good sign!

They have many happy returning clients from all over the world, thanks to their outstanding customer service AND Free Shipping Worldwide on any order. So you can just try them out with a small first order and then go for bigger orders later.

Also on future orders you get a standard 10% OFF as a returning client. So go the Scam Free online pharmacy atĀ and enjoy online shopping for medicines with 65% discount at safe online pharmacy.

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